Riding for remembrance

Forever a Cowboy, Marshall delivers game ball

September 20, 2021

Marshall, a GHS graduate of 1974, is a devoted member of the 1971 GHS Football Memorial Foundation. Today he uses his voice to spread awareness for bus safety after his experience with this tragic event 50 years ago. 

Memories of that day are what inspire Marshall to spread gratitude about life experiences and encourage others to be thankful for every day on this earth. He still continues to remember his teammates and the coach that passed away on that fateful day. 

“This being the 50th anniversary, I wanted to try and do something that had never been done before to raise awareness and remembrance to those that we lost fifty years ago,” said Marshall. 

The GHS alumni had a custom ball designed specifically for the 50th anniversary game, which includes all of the victims’ names and jersey numbers. His goal was to raise money for the 1971 GHS Football Memorial Foundation by riding from Salida to Gunnison to deliver this game ball.  

As Marshall rode onto the field on Saturday, September 11, many felt a personal connection to this event, which affected so many. The presentation of the football left bystanders in tears, while some students gained their first glimpse into the legacy of what it means to be a Gunnison Cowboy. 

Marshall continues to inspire younger generations when it comes to personal friendships and loved ones:

“My overall message to younger generations today is that if you have a close relationship with a friend, take the time to tell them how much they mean to you,” said Marshall. “I tell my young daughter this every day: tell people that you love them and how much they mean to you, because the next day they can be gone.”

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