Back On Track

GHS students return for the 21-22 school year hoping for normal

Danica Froehlich, Features Editor

Next semester, junior Mackenzie Hadley will be attending SpringFest for the first time in her three years at Gunnison High School (GHS).

Grecia Santos

That’s not because she didn’t want to go. Due to the ongoing pandemic, which began when Hadley was in her second semester as a freshman, the school simply hasn’t been able to host and event like SpringFest.

“It’s definitely been a weird experience,” said Hadley. “Last year just seems like a bad dream.”

While missing seemingly small events such as SpringFest doesn’t seem like it would have a significant impact, the loss of several traditional high school experiences, big and small, has affected student life here at GHS. 

According to sophomore Taylor Grosse, so far high school has felt drastically different than she could have ever imagined. The events are one thing, but having rarely attended classes at GHS without wearing a mask is a whole different issue.

“It’s weird not being able to see people’s faces,” said Grosse.

The change to students’ daily lives has taken a lot away from them in the realm of high school memories and experiences. Many often overlooked events were unable to take place for more than a year. 

“It’s exciting to have real dances back,” said senior Aiden Burke. “I missed those the most out of everything.”

Burke is one of the few students who walk the halls of GHS and has experienced pre-COVID high school. The graduating class of 2022 stands alone in the accomplishment of having experience the last complete school year not impacted by the pandemic. 

The warm winds of this fall also happen to be the winds of change for GHS students. Many events that have been missed by all students are making a comeback during the 2021-2022 school year, including a traditional sports season and all activities. 

While a new mask mandate is in place now, the school was able to hold a traditional, and eventful, Homecoming week, somewhat unaffected by COVID-19.