Roll out the red carpet

Royalty takes the spotlight during HoCo2021 festivities

Grecia Santos, Photo Editor

“Your 2021 homecoming royalty winners are…” 

Moments in high school that will forever be remembered for eight students at Gunnison High School (GHS). Homecoming royalty was elected by the student body to represent their respective classes. This year’s GHS Homecoming Court winners were all asked various questions regarding homecoming:

Senior Royalty

Question: Could you have imagined winning homecoming court your senior year, and what emotions did you have winning and being nominated? 

Ariana Hernandez: “I was super excited that I was a nominee my senior year since I have already been nominated for court my freshman year and was amazed I won my senior year. I truly felt the support of my peers throughout Homecoming week.”

Chance Mears: “I was confused and surprised since I did not think I would ever be nominated. And when I won, I was happy since it’s an accomplishment to have in my senior year.”


Junior Royalty 

Question: Do you think that COVID-19 has made you appreciate moments such as homecoming? 

Quincy Copenhaver: “Yes, because it helps create bonds and experiences that I will remember my whole life.”

Chance Bailey: “Yes, it made me appreciate homecoming since my sophomore year was not a normal year. It’s a reminder about living every moment to its fullest.” 


Sophomore Royalty

Question: Do you think that this homecoming helped you understand what it means to be a Cowboy?

Victoria Boden:  “Yes, it helps to include everyone and create a family no matter how old or who you are, you always come back and support the community.”

Adrian Hernandez: “Yes, because I feel like I know more about the worth of homecoming and felt more involved now that I’m older.”


Freshmen Royalty

Question: Did homecoming live up to your expectations?

Kylee McDougal:“Yes, It was a super cool and fun atmosphere.”

Jacob Riser: “Yes, since I got the opportunity to celebrate and experience a significant week, where the whole entire school and community comes together and has fun.”