Gunnison Mountain Bike Team Trip To Fruita


Photo Credit: Rob Strickland

A few weekends ago, the Gunnison high school mountain bike team went on a three-day trip to Fruita, Colorado. Although they had a few members missing, six members of the team participated and 3 others interested in joining the team. Some riders have been training through winter, to get ready for the state championship. All the female readers met the criteria to enter and race against some of the most talented riders in Colorado. That’s why the majority of the team jumped at the opportunity to be able to ride with their teammates.

 The bike team went to an area called eighteen road with more than thirty miles of great trails. After speaking with a few members of the team, the trail “Zippidy doo daa” was a favorite. Even though mountain biking is a fall sport, some riders race outside of the super short season in the summer. That’s why the team gets together in the summer. 

“The highlight of the trip was definitely riding with my teammates and just becoming an even more tight-knit team that we already are” Said freshman, Ava Baer. Since there were races going on at 18 Road while they were there it got a little crowded. The team did get more exposure to the racing community which is always great for the racers. This was a great experience overall and is becoming a great tradition for the Gunnison mountain bike team.