Spring Fest at Gunnison High School


Principal Jim Woytek being pied by Janet Thurling

Lee Brunsting, Editor

Gunnison High School (GHS) had their annual Spring Fest this past Friday, May 13th. Spring Fest at Gunnison High School contains awards ceremonies, pep assemblies, game stations, teachers getting pied in the face, barbeque lunch, and snacks like homemade churros and Third Bowl ice cream. 

Every grade files into the auditorium for the awards ceremony where students are given awards for high grade point averages, scholarships, involvement in different programs and achievements. Awards are given by community organizations, by teachers, and by the administration.  

After the awards ceremony students then participated in a pep assembly where student-athletes are acknowledged, students and clubs are recognized, and the different classes of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors get to compete in different games against each other. Students competed in “finish the song”, dodgeball, musical chairs, spikeball etc. throughout the assembly. “We had so much fun playing spikeball!” said sophomores Nella Gardner and Garret MacLennan. To finish off the pep assembly there was a senior slideshow presented to the school which showed a baby picture of all of the graduating seniors and then transitioned to their senior picture. 

After the pep assembly and a barbeque lunch  the students got to pie teachers Chris Rush, Maria Kattnig, Krystal Brown and principal Jim Woytek. “It was an epic pie in the face.” Afterwards there were a variety of stations available to students throughout the afternoon like tie dying socks, board games, cornhole and a smoothie bike that when students peddled, it blended a smoothie of the participant’s choice that they then got to enjoy. 

To end off the day, year books were passed out to the students who ordered one and they were given half an hour to sign each other’s and the chance to leave a nice message. GHS’s annual spring fest gives staff, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen the amazing opportunity to recognize and congratulate their seniors before sending them off into their new lives with support and love.