Senior Art Show Continues its Tradition


Levy Ocampo

Levy Ocampo’s art work displaced at the senior art show.

Abby Vitinio , Editor

April 7, 2023 was the opening night of the Senior Art Show at the Gunnison Arts Center  where it was estimated that  over 300 people attended on the opening night. This event is a long standing tradition that was started well before the year 2000, where any Seniors who have been in art for three or four years are given the opportunity to showcase their growth and talent. Even though this event is for Seniors, over the past few years many Junior artists who are in their third year of art have been invited to participate in order to gain a sense of what the show looks like for their showing the following year. 

The event hosted by the Gunnison High School every year is really supported by the Gunnison Arts Center by them allowing the high school to use their space free of charge and  assisting them in keeping the exhibition advertised, lit, staffed, secured, and robustly supported for the entire month of April. GunnisonArts Center has been supporting this show for a very long time. GHS Art Teacher Erin Vokoun has been hosting the show for about 20 years and said: “I cannot thank them enough for their continued support of the years”. 


This year there were 24 student artists who showcased their pieces. There were 17 seniors and 7 juniors. About half of the pieces are for sale and there were some sales made on the event’s opening reception which was held on Gunnison’s First Friday Art Walk. The prices of the pieces vary depending on the painting. The First Friday Art Walk is a monthly event when many businesses around the community celebrate visual arts and artists and musicians. Thay are open to the public during evening hours.


Mrs. Vokoun has arranged days during block periods this week where she will be taking students to go visit the Gunnison Arts Center so everyone gets the opportunity to see more of what happens in the studio and where hopefully students can get inspired. 


Fortunately this event is held through the whole month of April and open to the public with no fee. But once this month is over we will have to wait to see what next year’s artists will bring to showcase.