Small School, Big results


Photo of the Science Olympiad resting while at the UCCS campus, taken by Maria Katnig

Arno Mortensen, News Editor


After months of consistent work and much dedication the Gunnison High School science Olympiad team has finally had their opp[ortunity to go to state and put all their efforts to use. On April 1st the team headed to Colorado Springs to compete at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs campus. The team competed very well and ended up placing 16th against schools of all sizes from every corner of Colorado. Even though many students had to pick up an extra event due to the small team they had this year, they still gave it their all and tirelessly worked to make sure they were prepared for regionals and  eventually state.


Science O is not only a club for a group of people to show their love of science but it is also a very tight knit group of

Photo of the Science Olympiad resting while at the UCCS campus, taken by Maria Katnig

friends who enjoy being around each other and doing activities together. The energy of the group has a fervor unlike many that can be felt whenever they are near, and many of the group enjoy spending time together outside of just the Science Olympiad team. The team especially enjoys when they go to compete together because for them it is not simply competing but also a getaway with their friends where they are not limited to the hotel they stay at, and will always go out and do some extra activities that are decided on together. Recently at the state competition they did activities like going out for brunch, bowling, and playing laser tag and they did this all while wearing their traditional matching bowling shirts. 


It is easy to see that the team loves what they are doing, and they recommend all those with the same passion who are thinking of joining to do so.