LULAC Club Introduces Latin American Culture to the Lake School


Jackson Dalleck, Gregory Blanco, Editor

Recently the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) organized an assembly for the Lake School, which they presented on April 18. LULAC is an organization that teaches and celebrates the Latin American community and focuses on  what they can do for their community. Krista Drendal is the faculty leader of the club. Current Members in leadership positions consist of Greg Blanco (Member), Maria Sabas (Vice President), and Brian Perez (President), and many others.

 LULAC presented an assembly for the Gunnison High School (GHS) on October 6th. The Lake School was impressed with the dances, band, and the cultural clothing so they invited LULAC to plan and present another assembly for the Lake School, for students in preschool and kindergarten. 

LULAC presented a band which was Brasil Musical, dresses, a dance, and a video about Semana Santa. The dance included Zapateado which is a Latin dance marked by a rhythmic stomping or tapping of the feet, Bachata, Wepa, Norteno, and La Cumbia Tribal. They also showed many dresses from Nayarit, Jesus Maria, and Oaxaca, which are regions that many GHS students come from or often visit to see family.  Semana Santa is the Holy Week for Spaniards. It is the annual tribute of the passion that Jesus Chirst celebrated by catholic religions. It is an event referring to the week of crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the bible. It is celebrated the week just before Easter. 

The assembly for the Lake School kids was a massive success. The young students  loved the presentation of dances and culture. After the presentation the high school students read to the Lake School kids. The presentation all in all was a great time for the young students, and a good experience for the students at GHS to get this opportunity.