Leadership 101 Against Drugs

Greg Blanco, General Editor

Recently on March 10th Kimberley Isham, Anastasia Harvey, and Adrianna Baird brought in Christian Isham to talk about the negative effects of drugs on not only one’s health and body but also their life and opportunities and the difficulties and dangers of getting sober. 

(Photo taken of Adrianna Baird, Anastasia Harvey, Kimberly Isham, and Officer Isham with Beno)

Officer Christian Isham went into full detail on how drugs are harmful, how people may think they have control on their drug use, how drug intake could be a gateway onto doing more dangerous drugs, and how drugs can lead people to lose loved ones and have bad spending habits. He also talked about how there recently have been issues with people lacing drugs with fentanyl to sell more. Fentanyl is a very lethal drug that doesn’t require much for a lethal overdose. There has also been an instance where drug manufacturers lace vape juice with methamphetamine, leading to some forming addictions with the user being unaware. 

(Photo taken of Officer Isham talking about his cause)

Officer Isham also brought up his K9 partner, Beno,  and talked about what their program is and how it is very useful to have the dog’s varied skills and abilities. He showed a quick video about Beno walking around the school, how they train him, and some footage of him in action with simulated crime situations. Kimberly, Anastasia, and Adrianna thanked everyone who supported their efforts, and also thanked everyone for their time.