A Long Drive to Creativity


Emma Ingrum , Editor

On Thursday March 2nd, the Gunnison High School (GHS) creative writing class took a two day trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The creative writing class consists of a total of seven students, however only four students went on the trip. The students took this trip to gather a sense of inspiration from their surroundings. 

“As any type of artist, we are a collection of everything we experience. So the more we can fill that space with unique and awesome things, the more we have to pull from as we’re creating and writing,” stated Amy Jo O’Dubhaigh, the creative writing and sophomore English teacher.  The group traveled to multiple artistic locations including the Meow Wolf installation. They took a trip through old Santa Fe, which is a part of Santa Fe which has buildings frozen in time from the late 1600’s. The group traveled to an old cathedral, and they visited multiple art galleries, one including a location called “Site Santa Fe”, a contemporary art museum.  The group’s hotel was located in the middle of old Santa Fe, making the attractions all reachable from a walking distance. 

“We all wished we could stay, I would do it again in a heartbeat. We could have spent a lot more time just with these other experiences in Santa Fe, there’s just so much art. So I would have loved to spend more time kind of hopping into those other places.” remarked O’Dubhaigh when asked  what she would have done differently.