30th Anniversary Diversity Conference in Denver


Jackson Dalleck, Editor

Gunnison High School (GHS) students who are members of the school’s LULAC club had the opportunity to travel to Denver at the end of January to attend the Diversity Conference.  This year was the 30th anniversary for the Diversity Conference. The conference is an event where high school students from 90-100 Colorado schools get together and talk about diversity in their school, and in the broader community. The conference also teaches  about how students can serve their schools better, and play a bigger role in their school and community. It teaches students how to handle diversity.  For example, there were classes that talked about minorities, LGBTQ+, and other related topics. Students attended sessions  with 1000’s of other students, often with nobody else from  GHS, meaning students  learn to interact and talk with new individuals. Gregory Blanco, GHS Student says “It was a fun experience, and he recommends everyone tries it at least once.” This is Gunnison’s 8th year attending the conference. Unfortunately when covid struck, it forced that year’s conference to be virtual, which was the year Gunnison did not participate. Gunnison used to be able to take 20 people, however after covid can only take 10 per year. 

The conference begins with all of the students and sponsors all together,listening to the key speaker Lachi, who is a famous songwriter/singer. Lachi, who is legally blind, advocates for disability inclusion and encourages students to continue fighting for the change they want to see. After that, attendees split up and talk with people from other schools, and attend various break-out classes. At the end of the day everyone reconvenes with other students from school, and participants talk about one idea they really want to bring back to Gunnison, and other things they want to change. Mrs. Drendal, LULAC sponsor and ELL teacher at GHS says, “The coolest thing about the conference is that people get out of Gunnison and connect with other kids.” Teachers are included in this, and they have their own group where they get together with other teachers in classes. Teachers will also chaperone some of the time, with new kids from all around Colorado.