PE Department Welcomes New Intern


Abby Vitinio

Here is Mr. Hanenburg ready to greet his advisory class.

Abby Vitinio , Editor

Gunnison High school doesn’t always get new interns at the semester but students are lucky enough to have a new one working with Mr. Percival in the PE department; Mr. Jason Hanenberg is a student at Western Colorado University working on a masters program and student teaching with Mr. Percival. 


Mr. Hanenberg was first influenced to become a teacher by both his father and brother who were also teachers. His interest in school was learning about his body and he studies exercise sports science. He decided to take the path where he can teach others that as well. Mr. Hanenberg has enjoyed working in Gunnison High school so far but aside from all the fun he still faces some challenges as well. Mr. Hanenburg says that “ Sometimes my biggest challenges are finding ways to keep everybody involved and motivated”.


Mr. Hanenberg is originally from Colorado Springs and primarily came to Gunnison to wrestle for Western Colorado University, but  when he first came on a visit he was fishing for  salmon and realized he loved it here because he simply loved the fishing and the hunting here. Since Mr. Hanenberg older brother was already living here at WCU, it was super easy for Mr. Hanenberg to move here since they are pretty close. He now plans to stay in Gunnison after he graduates. 


Mr. Hanenberg is currently in his last year with the wrestling team at Western Colorado University,  and he continues to enjoy outdoor activities by duck hunting this season. Mr. Hanenberg says that he is on the exact path he wants to be on. 


 GHS student Ashlyn Cowan, who has Mr. Hanenberg for Essential Team Sports says all good things about him. She says that Mr. Hanenburg is very nice, chill and and super funny, and aside from that she says he is a very good role model because “you can see how much he loves what he does and he’s always happy and never having a bad day or at least when I see him and that’s what makes him inspiring as well.”  


GHS can’t wait to see what Jason Hanemburg can do for our school in the future.