Ladies Athletic Club

Kylee McDougal , Sports Editor

Ladies Athletic club 


The new Ladies Athletic Club at Gunnison High School (GHS) has hopes of bringing more young women together through a common interest in sports. The hope for the Ladies Athletic Club is to prepare young women for the future with skills they have learned through sports. 


Leslie DiLorenzo is the leader of the club. DiLorenzo says currently four to six girls are attending the meetings normally happening Wednesday before school. DiLorenzo’s hope for the near future is to get as many girls as possible to participate.  Guest speakers such as Marisa and Emera Danos  frequently come in to talk about how sports have had a positive impact on their future. A key focus is helping young ladies focus on how the respect, hard work, and dedication they have learned throughout the years in sports can truly help with their future. 


With high hopes of getting more women athletes to join the club, an end goal is to be able to attend the Colorado’s women’s sporting banquet. The banquet is to honor outstanding women athletes. In recent years there have been about 500 guests. This year it is being held at  Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center in Denver, on Mar 12, 2023 to honor Colorado women athletes.