GHS Student Spotlight

GHS Student Spotlight

Arno Mortensen and Greg Blanco, News Editor and General Editor

The GHS (Gunnison High School) Giddyup has covered sports and clubs before but has never looked into what the students do when they’re not in school. Which is exactly why they have recently decided that they are going to start to cover some of these students’ extracurricular hobbies starting in this issue. They are planning to do this until the end of the school year featuring a student from every grade that exhibits a unique talent or hobby. 


Axton Cummings is a Freshman and exhibits one of these unique talents. Axton is self taught at p

Photo provided by Axton of him playing guitar

laying guitar and is part of a small band in Colorado that goes by the name of Junior Stash. Axton first got into playing the guitar through his cousin who asked him if he wanted to join a band while he was visiting him in Montrose,Colorado. Ever since then, Axton has been practicing almost every day whenever he can on his Kirk Hammett ESP guitar. Axton doesn’t have many goals for where he wants to take guitar. He’s heavily influenced by James Hetfield, the rhythm guitarist for Metallica and also saying that it’s just something that motivates him, but he does hope that maybe one day his band will get bigger and be more readily recognizable.


Olivia Neyman is a sophomore that represents an interesting and under-recognized talent through dancing. Olivia started dancing when she was six years old starting in 2013 at the High Attitude Dance Academy. She first got into

Collage created by Momo showing off some of their pieces

Natallie Moore who goes by their preferred name “Monoma” or “Momo” for short is a Junior in High School who has a unique hobby of designing and creating their own clothing and other fashion pieces. Momo has been doing this for about five years now and originally got into the hobby when they were twelve and got their first Vogue magazines which really inspired them to get involved with the craft; not only that but they are also heavily influenced by the fashion designer and businesswoman Vivienne Westwood. Momo practices alternative fashion but many consider it gothic lolita, and they are also interested in harajuku style and just fashion in general. Momo shared that on average their clothing and accessories take about 4 days to make, and they enjoy working with lace and making dresses the most. They also use many other techniques. Momo doesn’t plan on going into the fashion industry but hopes to continue enjoying this hobby whenever she can.

Angel Hennigh is a senior in High School who exhibits the talent of singing and has been doing choir for seven years on and off starting in sixth grade. She first got into choir when it was a requirement in sixth grade but she soon grew to love it and has made it a large part of her life. This year she even became president of the Show Choir at GHS (Gunnison High School) and has orchestrated events and has orchestrated events and concerts for the Show Choir this year. Angel has had the goal to do as much as she can this year in choir before graduating in May. This year she has already participated in two concerts and has a senior concert lined up and also a trip to the Colorado West choir competition in Grand Junction. Angel has also already applied to a college that offers musical education so she can hopefully become a choir teacher one day.