FFA Making Their Mark in Gunnison High School


Nella Gardner

Photo of FFA Members

Isis Thiede, Social Media Editor

Nationwide, 850,823 students are members of Future Farmers of America (FFA), which started in 1928 in Virginia and grew to be an influential club. With 8,995 local FFA chapters they have made an impact on not only students but the country as well. The FFA works to set students up for the agricultural field but also helps them learn the skills to solve difficult situations that they may encounter in their life. 

Thirty-one students currently participate in the FFA at Gunnison High School and teacher Scott Nordberg is the club’s sponsor. Nella Gardner, a member of the group says that “FFA creates many opportunities for students, like seeing the National Western Stock Show and learning to deal with animals through livestock operations. We also learn to deal with kids and how to teach agriculture and livestock to them.” 

FFA Leader Scott Nordberg (Nella Gardner)

Last weekend  FFA ventured to the National Western Stock Show  where they got to witness multiple rodeos and got to study better ways to show animals. Although they do not historically participate in any events in the Stock Show they do participate in events of their choice at the local Cattlemans’ Days Rodeo, held every July in Gunnison. Some even have the opportunity to join the Cattleman’s Days Committee which Gardner is a proud member of. Not only do they participate in rodeo events such as these, they also host an annual food drive for the Gunnison Food Pantry later in the school year.

FFA also has the pleasure of going to Gunnison Elementary School to host Ag-Adventure day for the little ones every year in April. The club gets in touch with local ranches who provide animals for groups of FFA members, who get to teach the elementary students about them. Gardner said “It’s like a petting zoo for them except they get to learn, I had alpacas last year.”

After high school many of the members of FFA plan to go to trade school, but participating in the club also helps them set up for opportunities like going to vet school and ranching. Gunnison High School carries on the ideals and traditions of this 95 year old club and students hope to leave a legacy of excellence and hard work for future generations.

FFA President Wade Johnson (Nella Gardner)