Proposition F.F set to bring free lunches back

Arno Mortensen, News Editor

On Tuesday, November 8th Colorado residents had the option to vote for proposition FF, a proposition which would impact all student lunches by giving an extra 100,727,820$ to fund schools across Colorado with their lunch programs. This proposition ended up getting the majority of the votes with 55.11% voting to pass it, this will bring back the free lunch system that was previously in use during most of the pandemic in which many students relied on. The state also wants the schools to start focusing on more widespread healthy and nutritious lunches instead of processed foods.

Not much information is known about when proposition will go into effect but the most realistic timeline is it will go into effect for the 2023-2024 school year, and beginning 2024 the Department of Education will have to report back to the state legislature on the implementation and how well the program is going, they will have to do this every two years.