New Student Teacher at GHS


Photo taken by Lee Brunsting

Lee Brunsting, Emma Ingrum, Editors

This year at Gunnison High School Maddie Caster has taken the position of student teaching for Mr. High. Their classroom is located at the west end of GHS’s humanities hall. Caster is 24 years old and was born in Grand Junction. She moved to Gunnison around 5 years ago where she enrolled at Western Colorado University.  As of now Caster is in her senior year at Western Colorado University where she is majoring in history with an emphasis in secondary education. Her year-long internship includes her assisting teaching sociology, world history and current events which she runs independently. These classes are available for juniors to enroll in. So far she says the environment at GHS has been very welcoming and supportive, with staff and students included. She looks forward to building relationships with the people at GHS and having access to guidance from Mr. High. For her future Caster wants to continue teaching, whether that be at GHS or somewhere else, she has a passion for history and wants to pursue it. She loves to work in education and with students, there has been lots of positive feedback from students and staff on her work so far at GHS. They are very grateful to have her on their team and cannot wait to continue the upcoming semester with her.