“Operation Santa” is Introduced to GES


Emma Ingrum , Editor

The GHS Student Leadership Council decided to give back to the community this year by creating a Project Santa for the Lake and Elementary students.  They assembled small candy canes with pipe cleaners as antlers and puff balls as noses with the intent of giving all of the younger students a small reindeer gift. The SLC students went  to the Lake School and Gunnison Elementary School classrooms on Thursday before the winter break to bring holiday spirit into the environment. SLC provided Jolly Ranchers for any student who needed an alternative to the more traditional reindeer.  

Earlier this year, the Leadership Council sat down and brainstormed events that they wanted to put their school budget towards and giving holiday cheer to the little ones was something on their list. As the holiday season slowly inches closer, giving back to the community is something often on people’s minds.