Legion Club


At GHS, a  new club, the GHS Legion, was formed this year by Mr. High. This club is a service club that was implemented to help the veterans in the Gunnison community. Not many people consistently see how the veterans served us or take the time to recognize them, but the Legion plans to change that. The club plans to help out veterans and hopes they are better recognized by the people of Gunnison. 

One recent project that the club is working on involves replacing a damaged tombstone at the Gunnison cemetery.  The Office of Veterans Affairs has a program that replaces broken headstones, so recently, the GHS Legion went on a trip to the Gunnison cemetery to see if they could find a headstone to replace  The students found the grave of Joseph Reiss, who passed away in 1931, and realized that the headstone was completely cracked across the bottom.  The students decided that this was the best candidate for their project.  They will next file the appropriate paperwork with Veterans Affairs, who will pay for the new headstone.  The club will then need to raise $350 to have the stone set properly. Plans are in the works for fundraisers.


Laurie Stonecypher, the club’s president said it is important to “respect a veteran who lost their lives for us and for the country.  We need to make sure the gravestone is in good condition.”

The GHS Legion usually meets weekly in Mr. High’s room to discuss their plans and had their last meeting of 2022 on December 8th.  They will resume their project in the new year.