Holiday Cheer

Vivian Haddaway

Gunnison High School participated in a Necessities Drive and a Kindness Campaign for the holidays to spread love and kindness.

The necessities drive was organized by the Student Leadership Council (SLC) and the National Honor Society (NHS). It is an annual event where students can donate necessities to the food bank that some people may not be able to afford during the holidays. The drive was taking canned foods, non-perishables, clothes, coats, hats, and unopened necessities such as toothpaste. Students brought these items to their advisories, and the advisory that had the most donations earned hot chocolate and cookies. Ms. Wise’s advisory for freshman won, Ms. O’Dubhaigh’s advisory for sophomores won, Mrs. Nelson’s advisory for juniors won, and Ms. Schliesman won for the senior class. Students donated 440 items in total.  “I think that it could have been more successful, although we did do well. Ms. Wise’s advisory donated over one hundred items which was great,” said Allie Schwartz, a member of SLC.

Starting on November 28th, SLC facilitated another event where they promoted kindness for a week. Every day, there was a prompt to spread kindness within the GHS community. Monday’s prompt was to give someone who you don’t usually talk to a compliment, Tuesday’s prompt was to ask someone how their day was, Wednesday’s was to pick up trash around the school, Thursday’s was to ask a teacher if they needed any help, and Friday was to thank a faculty member. Always remember to spread kindness. Yaslin Hernandez says, “I think the kindness drive went really well, much better than we thought.” 

It’s important to continue spreading kindness and generosity throughout the year, not only during the holidays.