Fueling Academic Success


Allie Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief

As election season approached, Coloradans were faced with a multitude of new propositions to vote on, one of which being Proposition FF; which would give every student in Colorado the opportunity to have free breakfasts and lunches. Tuesday night November 8, the results came in and Coloradans passed the new legislation. This proposition will help to ensure that every child in Colorado has access to at least two nutritious and locally sourced meals a day. 

One of the many reasons why this proposition will benefit students as well as those in lower and middle-class Coloradans is that it only taxes those who make $300,000 or more annually. This is an important part of the proposition because it taxes the upper class and all money goes to support students who may not be able to purchase breakfast and lunch otherwise. 

Proposition FF also has a requirement that the schools use the money to purchase Colorado-grown, raised, and processed products which also benefit local food providers financially. Supporting farm fresh and local food sources will help to boost the Colorado economy locally and statewide, through the food grants from FF. 

“I am happy that this passed because I can get free food at school,” stated Rowen Downum, a Junior at Gunnison High School (GHS). During the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years, GHS had free school meals for all students. Overall, there were many students who took advantage of the free school meals and without these meals, more students are eating food from McDonald’s and Loves each day, not only reinforcing the need for these free nutritious meals. “I feel like we saw that it was possible during covid for the federal government to support the schools while also allowing for students to get the nutrition they need which in turn supports high quilty learning” Amy Jo O’Dubhaigh an English teacher at GHS stated. 

Proposition FF will overall result in more students in public schools eating healthier meals and ensure each student has at least two meals a day while also financially supporting local food suppliers.