Veteran’s Day Assembly a Success

Arno Mortensen, News Editor

On November 10th GHS (Gunnison High School) held their second Veterans Day assembly and fundraiser, where the school picks one veteran and they ask students to bring 1$ or more to donate to the chosen veteran. This year’s veteran was Doug Good, who served in the navy for 4 years during the Vietnam War. Mr. Good had recently suffered a stroke which affected the right side of his brain, causing him to lose movement in the left side of his body. His speech capabilities were also damaged, along with his walking. He spent nine weeks in multiple hospitals and once he was released from the hospital he had to go through 7 weeks of intensive rehab, doing physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy twice a day. The many medical and rehab bills along with the many needed changes done to his home to make his life post stroke more manageable were very expensive. 

The Giddyup staff recently asked Mr. Good’s wife (Ann Good), how the stroke has affected her and her family. Her response was  “Overnight, our whole life changed. Things we normally took for granted now take tremendous effort on Doug’s part to accomplish. Most noticeably is how much longer it takes to do daily activities, such as getting in the car or dressing himself. With repetition and practice, he will likely regain his strength to walk independently and hopefully will regain the use of his left hand. The progress has been amazing to see.” Students and staff ended up raising  $842, which will all go to the Goods in hopes of helping them during such a difficult time for him and his loved ones. 

Photo taken of Steven Otero, Mark High, Doug Good, and Ann Good after the assembly

The assembly began with President of NHS (National Honor Society), Jonathan Pierce introducing a guest speaker Steven Otero who is the veteran’s service officer for Gunnison County. Mr. Otero started serving in 1998 in the Air Force,but after the terror attacks on 9/11 he became more focused on and motivated to do more work on the ground with the Marines and Army. Mr Otero delivered a speech that covered showing up for yourself, showing up for others which can be done by putting in effort into helping others, and being proud of what you have achieved. To finish up the assembly Mr. Otero gave a short speech giving praise to those who have chosen to risk their lives for the freedom and protection of our country. The Veterans Day assembly is an important part of GHS (Gunnison High School) and the National Honors society is more than happy to host it.