The Curtain Rises


The drama club hosted a play at the Gunnison High school auditorium last weekend. According to the people who saw the play, it was very successful and had a great plot twist. The play was named “Hide and Seek” 

“Hide and Seek” is a murder mystery play that is set in the 1950s. Mr. Collings Worth is a very rich man who lives on a large estate and has been murdered. His family is called to his manor, each wanting some of his wills. The suspects in the case are his daughters Melissa and Kathrine, Katherine’s fiance Michael, his niece Ellen, his butler, his secretary Regina, and his lover Mrs. Gullickson. Everyone has to remain in the house the entire night, but they are welcome to roam around the house. The secret plots of each person to receive a part of the will were disrupted. Mr. Collings Worth’s daughters, Mellisa and Kathrine, as well as Kathrine’s fiance, Michael, are the most suspicious. The audience is led to believe that Mellisa and Michael killed Mr. Collings Worth. Kathrine went insane dealing with her father’s death. The twist at the end is that In reality, however, Mr. Collings Worth is not dead. With the help of Kathrine and Detective Smyth, Mrs. Crawford managed to expose Mellisa and Michael’s evil plot to steal the money. 

I would give this play 10/10 stars because of how it’s creatively put together, the props looked amazing and well built, and the plot twist at the end had me in shock. The members and crew made this play a wonderful story. I hope the drama club continues to give us a great performances.