Winter Sports Preview

Winter Sports Preview

Emily Esquibel, sport editor

Even in these winter times, there are opportunities for  athletes who want to be involved and participate on an athletic team.  The winter sports season began last week for wrestling, basketball, and swimming. 

Wrestling has 31 people participating, including 5 girls this season.  This is only the second season with girl wrestlers.  Last year was a strong season for the team, so they are hoping to build on that success.  Some of the challenges Coach Uhrig will face this season are to try to beat ident (???), Brush, Centauri, and Montrose.  Coach Uhrig is most excited this season for the people who are going out and for the competitions. His goals this season are to try to be the best and to be better than last year. Coach Uhrig and the whole team are excited to duel this season with Montrose and also Centauri. 

Basketball season also started for both the boys and girls.  The basketball coaches are Coach Aguilar, who heads up the boys’ programs, and Coach Terry, for the girls.   The teams are most excited this year to make a new team and a family with the new players. In basketball you get close with your teammates because you have to have good communication skills. The biggest challenge the teams will  face is against their rival team the Pirates from Olathe. Their goals this year is to be a better team than last year and to make sure everyone gets to play. 

The final winter sport is the swimming and diving team. The Gunnison High School swimming team is a CHSAA sport through the school, but they practice at the recreation center pool. Their goals this season are to have fun and make the team a family.

GHS is excited for the winter athletes and will follow their games, competitions and meets throughout the season.  Good luck winter athletes!