New Student Legion Club at GHS


USA flag outside of GHS

Lee Brunsting, Editor

This year Gunnison high school (GHS)  has a new addition to their roster of clubs for students. The GHS Legion club is advised by Mr. High who is the world history teacher for 11th grade. Mr. High has previous Marine experience and is well educated in the military. This club is open to all grades, currently sophomores, juniors, and seniors are in this organization. As of now there are around 10 members most of which are juniors and seniors. Mr. High has said in his interview with the Giddy Up staff that he encourages more freshmen to join the club.

USA flag outside of GHS

The club meets every Thursday in Mr. High’s room which is located in the humanities hall, a color guard is also being put together for the club. They are partnered with The American Legion here in Gunnison, they are planning on getting some money from the Elks lodge to help support their club. Mr. High himself has 7 years of experience as a marine as well as the other people who stand beside him in this club. This new club will continue to grow and achieve great things at GHS.