Athlete Spotlight

Kylee McDougal , Sports Editor

George Haddaway 

George Haddaway, a Junior at Gunnison High School ( GHS ), is currently participating in his 3rd year of Football. Haddaway started his football career his freshman year, and has loved the sport ever since. Currently playing as a nose back on varsity Haddaway and his team have had lots of success.  

Haddaway’s football career will end after he graduates from high school ( GHS ),  but he will be able to take the memories and lessons he learned to his everyday life. Haddaway was asked about any impacts the game has had on him and this is what he had to say “ Football has made me a harder worker and appreciate a good work ethic amongst my peers “.Haddaway also stated some of his favorite parts of football and what he’ll miss the most, “ I have seemingly innumerable good memories that I will cherish forever. I will miss the camaraderie that being part of Gunnison football team entails. We are a brotherhood and we all have each other’s backs. The social aspect is what I’ll miss the most. It is a special feeling to know there are 30+ young men walking around the school that will go through thick and thin for you.”  The Cowboys football team is 6-2 and 5-0 in league and will hold the first round of playoffs at home. 

Addie Frymoyer 

As volleyball is coming to an end, Addie Frymoyers junior season is almost over. Frymoyer is in her third year of high school volleyball at Gunnison High School ( GHS ) but she has played for a combined 5 years. Frymoyer has loved the came and her Junior season has been amazing for her “ My junior season has been exciting ! The value of experiencing a sport with people I enjoy is immeasurable. “ 

Volleyball has been a very positive experience for Addie. Friendships have been gained through volleyball and acceptance to different teams have always been welcoming experiences . Frymoyer has also learned important life skills “ I’ve learned confidence plays a large role in success. Whether it is performance during a sport or how you carry yourself on a daily basis, confidence is greatly impactful. I’ve learned how to gain and keep confidence through volleyball, and  can see applications of this in my everyday life.” Although volleyball is not planned for Frymoyer in the future there is still lots of time to play. 

Brooke Rickert 

As Brooke Rickert has wrapped up her 7th year of softball and her Junior season ending, she already has her mind set on next season. Rickert is the starting pitcher for the Gunnison High School (GHS) softball team, and plays shortstop when not pitching. Rickert and the softball team made it to regionals for the second year in a row, but unfortunately lost in the first round. 

Softball has been a huge and important part of Rickerts life for a long time. It has become a lifestyle for her. Rickert has enjoyed the time she played softball and has also picked up very important life skills, “ Softball has taught me perseverance and grit”. It has also given Rickert memories not everyone has been able to experience ,” My favorite memory has to be making it to regionals the past two years”. Rickert has plans to play softball in college and is taking steps to get there. Rickert also stated that she would miss the satisfaction of the game if she doesn’t play at the collegiate level. 

Gael Ayala 

With Gunnison High School, just very recently adding a boys soccer team, there has been lots of success for Geal Ayala and his other teammates. The 2022 soccer season has just come to an end. Our (GHS) soccer boys proved a lot this season by making it to state and having a solid season. Ayala just wrapped up his junior year and puts year 7 of playing soccer in the books.

With soccer being a very important part of Ayalas life it has taught him things like commitment, Ayala also said this about soccer, “ Soccer has taught me that it is more than a game and individual sport. It’s about making bounds of being a family making the most fun out of things”. Soccer has taught Ayala a lot and will help him in the future with sports and just life in general. Plans for playing in College are in the future for Alaya, he is not sure yet where he wants to play but he is taking strides to get to that level of competitiveness.