A New Addition To GHS


Teacher Ragsdale at their freshman year homecoming parade (WCU)

Lee Brunsting, Emma Ingrum, Editors

This year Gunnison High School (GHS) is lucky to gain new staff and interns, one of the new additions, Cory Ragsdale is an intern this year, through WCU which is similar to other interns at GHS. Each week, new staff and interns will be featured through the Giddyup. Cory Ragsdale has wanted to teach since they were a kid, and fully decided teaching was their passion in their senior year of high school. This year they have started their first year of student teaching, under Mrs. O’ Dubhaigh, the current Sophomore English teacher’s, guidance. So far this year they have said that they are happy with the relationships they have made with students and fellow staff. The following are some questions that the Giddy Up staff had for Ragsdale and their answers. 

Teacher Ragsdale at their freshman year homecoming parade (WCU)


Giddy Up-  What are you excited about this school year as an intern? 

Ragsdale- I am excited to make new relationships with students, and I’m excited to teach you guys by myself and be independent. 


G- What are you nervous about this school year as an intern?

R- I am nervous to make mistakes but I know that’s part of growing up. I don’t like punishing students, and I’m nervous about upholding some expectations that I don’t necessarily agree with.


G- What inspiration have you gotten from Mrs. O’Dubhaigh?

R- The way that she talks to her class, her inclusive language. I like how open and honest she is. 


G- What is your favorite aspect of English?

R- The freedom of it, the content standards are flexible. Other subjects are very “cookie cutter” English is a very expressive subject.


G- What main projects do you want to incorporate into your teaching?

R- A music project, I really want to use art and English together.


The students of GHS are excited to welcome teacher Ragsdale into their new internship with Mrs. O’Dubhaigh and are confident that they will have a successful career as a teacher. After GHS Ragsdale is planning on moving somewhere outside of Gunnison, where exactly is not yet confirmed due to outside factors. They are happy to have the experience of student teaching at GHS and hope to continue their career in English and Arts. The whole of GHS is more than happy to welcome and support Teacher Ragsdale in their year of student teaching with them.