Lulac and Hispanic Heritage Month

By Vivian Haddaway and Isis Thiede


Vivian Haddaway and Isis Thiede

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated across the nation to recognize the contributions, influence, culture, and achievements that Hispanics have brought to the United States for generations.  Two weeks ago, on Thursday, October 6th, Gunnison High School’s LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) club held an assembly for Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15. 

During the assembly, the Mayor of Gunnison, Diego Plata, delivered a proclamation in both Spanish and English that declared September 15 through October 15 Hispanic Heritage Month in the City of Gunnison. LULAC showed traditional dresses from different Latin American countries as well as showing two traditional quinceanera dresses. Maria Sabas showed a dance from her quinceanera along with Evania Lopez, Dayna Castro, Kleber Flores, Gregory Blanco, and Janel Laureano.

The Giddyup, GHS’s paper, asked Sabas to give her thoughts on what it was like to perform her dance in front of the school and she said, “It was kinda scary and I was nervous but once everyone started cheering it felt good and exciting. I was really worried people were going to judge us but I’m glad they didn’t.” 

Throughout the entire week, LULAC also had various drinks and foods from Latin countries such as horchata, tortillas, and churros. They had music playing in the halls during passing periods and concluded the week with a live band during lunch. 

When asked about what the assembly was like to put together teacher Krista Drendel and leader of LULAC said, “For me as a teacher, it was very exciting because it was all the students’ idea, but they got nervous towards the end because they thought other students would make fun of them. It ended up being really awesome though and we’ve even been asked to perform at the elementary and preschool.” Student Joselyn Pelayo said “It was very exciting and invigorating” when asked the same question. 

LULAC was created in 2009 by Sherri Anderson because she saw a need for the Hispanic community to have a voice and to be leaders. It was taken on by Ms. Drendel who has made LULAC a safe place for the Hispanic community. When interviewed both Sabas and Pelayo expressed great admiration for Ms. Drendel and what she has done for the community.