Teen Drivers Week


Arno Mortensen, News Editor

A view of the GHS (Gunnison High School) parking lot

 Gunnison County has lots of teen drivers on the street  to promote safety this year. GHS (Gunnison High School) along with a former police officer Rob Whiting have teamed up to do a social media campaign to promote safety among teen drivers. This campaign dubbed “teen driver’s week” went from October 16 through October 22, and campaign involved posting daily message along with the associated #TDSW22 to social media like Instagram to raise awareness and stop problems that some teens may do. These messages are advice to help teens stay as focused and safe when on the road and provide a safer experience for everyone on the road. An example of some of these quotes “Looking at my phone doesn’t make me an expert multi-. I stay off my phone to keep others safe.” and “Speed limits are there for a reason, to keep you and others safe. Take it slow on the roads because your life depends on it.” Along with these quotes SLC (student leadership club) hung posters around the high school promoting safe driving.