Madelyn Stice for Star Athlete of Gunnison High School Cross Country Team


Madelyn Stice Completes her run

Isis Thiede, Sport's Editor

Cross Country is one of the many sports offered to students who attend Gunnison High School. There is one runner in particular who people have noticed goes above and beyond for her sport. The Giddyup has chosen sophomore Madelyn Stice for the star athlete on the cross country team.

Stice has been running for her entire life and has participated in many running activities and clubs through elementary school, middle school, and now high school. When asked about her sophomore season she said “My sophomore season has been really great, it was a really fun year. I’ve improved a lot on all of my times, and the team has also improved a ton this year, which has been really fun to see.”  She expressed gratitude for her team members when talking about her favorite memories this year, most notably the team dinners when she said “the team dinners have been some of my favorite memories this year, we would have one before every meet and they were always so fun.” 

Her favorite race this season was the 5K Elk Run with Olympic medalist Emma Coburn in Crested Butte, she stated “I got a personal best and it was a fun meet.” Stice gave a lengthy answer when asked the meaningful question of what running means to her. “I enjoy running because there are so many fun trails and scenic areas you can run at. I’ve met a lot of friends while running, even from other teams. Running has also taught me a ton throughout all the years I’ve done the sport. Like how hard work really pays off, and it’s taught me a lot about discipline. I’ve had a chance to race some nationally ranked runners, and I’ve traveled to races out of state, that’s allowed me to see parts of the country I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.” She said that she is going to continue her running career throughout high school and college and hopefully all the years after.

The entire girls cross country team placed well enough in the regional meet last week, and will move on to compete in the state meet.  The Giddyup will follow up with the team and Madelyn after the state meet with final results.