We Welcome New Students to GHS.

This year, Gunnison High School (GHS) received approximately sixteen students who are new to the district for the 2022 to 2023 school year.  The Giddyup had the chance to interview five of these new students, Victor Diaz-Lopes, Miguel Orduz-Hernandez, Miguel Nasarro Juan Pascual, Maria Suarez-Cardoza, and Harrison Daniel to learn how they are adjusting to school at GHS and to get their perspectives on being new students.


The new students at GHS described how Gunnison is different from where they came from.  The main response was that GHS has so many different class offerings for students to enjoy.  New students also noted that the environment is calmer, mostly due to the smaller school and the number of students.  


When students were asked why their families decided to move to Gunnison, there were many different responses. “I came here to study, and when I reach the right age, I will begin working,” Diaz-Lopes, a sophomore, replied. 

“I have family up here, so I decided to move,” responded senior Orduz-Hernandez. 

“Study and plan to work,” Juan Pascual, a freshman, replied. 

“I came here to GHS to study,” said freshman Suarez-Cardoza. 

“My dad found Gunnison and lived here for 3 years. I decided to move in,” responded junior, Daniel.  The group was very focused on their studies and working in the community.


In addition to work and studies, the students are beginning to get involved in other activities, especially the soccer team, which picked up several new students as players.  


Students are still adapting to the school environment. They reported that their first weeks at GHS have gone well. The students are most excited about participating in the Homecoming festivities. 


The new students to the district are excited to enjoy GHS classes, work and live here in Gunnison with their families, and get involved in various activities.  GHS is proud to welcome all of these new students to the community and hopes that their transition is a positive one.