Fall Sports Overview


Soccer ready to play !


Fall is always the busiest time of year for sports at Gunnison High School (GHS), with seven active teams competing.  Since mid August, fall sports have been hard at work practicing for upcoming competitions . The Fall sports consist of football, golf, and soccer for the boys, softball and volleyball for the girls, and coed mountain biking and cross country. With varied starts to all, there is still much time to compete and prepare for regionals and state. 


The GHS Football boys have had the start that everyone has expected. Football currently has a 3-2 record after getting a big win over the number two in the state, Buena Vista. Captain and senior Justus Williams has this to say about the season “This season we have a much tougher schedule up front, and we’re facing more adversities like injuries and tough losses in the beginning of the year. But I know that once we get healthy and find our identity as a team we will be stronger than ever by the end of the year”. Everyone in the community knows the potential this team has and we’re all looking forward to seeing what these boys will do.


Boys golf has been all over the state for their tournaments ! The lengthy travel has not stopped them either, the boys have had a solid season placing well in tournaments. Carson Zummach, stated  this in comparison to last season, ” This season is way different because we are so young. Last year we had four seniors and this year we have none”.  Boys Golf headed to qualify for state this past Monday and Tuesday in Carbondale. 


Soccer has had a strong start to their season, currently with a 6-4 record, for what is really only their official second year!. Jose Davalos, a senior and team captain had this to say about the pressure the team faces and what they have to prove,” There is lots of pressure, you need to show that you can compete with other schools, you also have to prove you got what it takes to make it to state”.  The soccer team has faced hard competition like the defending champions Roaring Fork, where the team held their own. 


 Girls Softball has started off a little rocky with a 9-11 record, with one point being a 5 game losing streak. The girls played their first game a week before school started and are heading into the halfway point of their season now. Maddie Vollendorf, a sophomore on the team spoke about the team and her thoughts about the future “ We have had a rough start and have played hard teams but I think that we will improve as we go on ”. The girls have faced lots of injuries coming into their busiest couple of weeks of the season. Softball is currently ranked 7th in the league with high hopes for the future. 

Girls volleyball has had one of the best starts to their season in the past couple years. Their record is currently 4-7 already tying the total number of wins from the last two seasons. Volleyball has hired a new coach this year Ms. Heart who has seemed to bring the team around not only in wins but in team chemistry. Ania Bryniarski, a junior and captain on the team had this to say about having Ms. Heart as a new coach, “ It’s going great! I’m super excited to have a new coach. She’s done nothing but good for our team and I know she’ll keep doing that for us!”  Volleyball still has lots of play left, and time to show their talent. 

Mountain Biking has had an interesting start to their season. From people starting the race off with a flat and freshman having their race get canceled half way through it’s been one heck of a ride! Allie Schwartz, the girls captain shared her thoughts about the season, “ I think we are doing really well so far, especially for only having one male racer compared to other teams who have many, with there times counting at points’ ‘. The mountain biking team is still building but they have held their own as they do that.  


Cross Country has had a good season so far. Only one meet in the GHS cross country team placed fairly well.  Daymon Funk, a sophomore and a first year runner has this to say about the season and goals for the future,” We did good for our first meet and we are all locked in on being regional and state champions”.  With the cross country team being very successful in the past it is exciting to see how they will do this year. 

Softball team ready for game time
Volleyball team in huddle
Soccer ready to play !