Powder Puff

Kylee McDougal , Sports Editor

Seniors after winning Powder Puff

Powder Puff, a well known tradition at GHS, has looked different. Powder Puff is a huge part of homecoming week with lots of hype surrounding it. The annual senior vs junior girls football game and the senior vs junior boys volleyball game is arguably the one of the best parts of hoco if not the best. Saldy it has not been the same since 2020, when the entire event was canceled. A year after being canceled it was changed to become a kickball game, then this year senior boys and girls competed against junior boys and girls in volleyball. Many people feel that it has not been the same. Now a new problem has occurred. Was the game rigged for the seniors ?

Everyone knows the saying, “ Seniors always win” right ? But is that because it’s rigged? At the Powder Puff game the competition got heated. The junior side accused the seniors of cheating. There were allegations that the score was wrong and that in reality the juniors should have won.  Dakota Sahagun, a junior who participated in powder puff had this to say about the situation, “The game was very rigged. They made random calls for no reason. The juniors should have definitely won.” Lydia Fraser, a ref and a player on the senior side, said this about the allegations, “I think I would have to say the the juniors don’t know how to handle such a large L and have to make themselves feel better by saying we cheated.” Lydia also added, “The teachers wouldn’t even let us rig it.” Those are the thoughts from a Junior and a Senior, so now let’s hear the thoughts from underclassmen who didn’t participate in the game. Dayan Castro, a sophomore who attended the power puff game was asked her thoughts about the cheating rumors, “Yes, I do think it was rigged because the seniors wanted to win and make the most out of their last year “.  Student are already curious about how next year’s powder puff will look.