New Teacher Feature


Ms. Wise teaching Civics

Lee Brunsting, Emma Ingrum, Editors

This year Gunnison High School (GHS) is lucky to gain new staff and interns. One new staff member, Lacie Wise, has come into her first year of teaching after completing a Western Colorado University  internship in the previous year.
This school year. Wise has started teaching full time after interning for former teacher Bob Howard last year. Wise has since taken over Howard’s role as civics teacher, a course offered to seniors. Along with civics, she teaches Cowboy 101 with the freshman and student council with sophomores, juniors and seniors. Wise is teaching these classes for this semester and plans to offer other classes next semester that will be new to the high school.
Wise was born and raised in Gunnison by her GHS alumni parents and is currently working towards her PhD in education or history. The staff of the Giddyup asked the question “what would your career path be if you weren’t teaching?”
Ms. Wise teaching SLC
“I think I would rather be an interior home designer, I like being organized and decorating things,” she said. ” Wise said that it has been her dream to teach since she was eight years old. She is set to get her masters degree at the end of this year, and right now she is balancing college and teaching.
Wise is a great addition to GHS. Everybody has no doubt that she will go above and beyond in her teaching this year. GHS students across the board are very excited to be involved in her line up of classes this year.
The other staff members in the school district are very happy to have her on their team and have been supporting her since her internship. Wise said that she feels accomplished to finally be an official teacher in the building and that she is seen by her peers as a new professional member of the GHS team.
Her new classroom is located in the humanities wing, she has inherited many skills and traits from Mr. Howard, along with a few accessories in her classroom. The entirety of Gunnison High school is happy to welcome her into her new position.