Dress Code Might Experience Changes at Gunnison High School

Isis Thiede and Vivian Haddaway

The Gunnison High School dress code is currently being reviewed by administrators in the school district in hopes of creating a dress code that is consistent throughout all schools within the district. Robin Wilkinson, assistant principal of GHS, along with other administrators in the district, has been tasked with changing the much disputed dress code. Wilkinson said that she is most interested in what the school board and the community has to say about the proposals.
Aspects of the dress code under review include the current no-hat policy and that shirts must cover the entire torso.
Wilkinson, among other teachers, said she doesn’t like how it is a battle with the students at GHS to adhere to the dress codes, while students at GHS want more say on how they dress while at school. It has proven hard to accommodate both students and staff.
Students want hats allowed at school and have proposed that hats be allowed, but taken off during the pledge of allegiance. Other proposed changes include that hats and other head coverings would be allowed as long as eye contact and unobstructed hearing are maintained.
While students may be allowed to wear shirts that show their midriffs, they would still not be allowed to show buttocks or breasts, although they could show cleavage. Dresses and clothes would have to have something covering the back, front and the sides. The proposed dress codes are similar to the changes requested by students last year.
“I want to wear what I want and not have to change what I’m wearing,’’ GHS student Hayley Coffman said.
Lacy Wise, a new teacher at GHS, said that she likes the original dress code because it implements self-respect, but does not enjoy how girls are targeted with clothing.
“I think it’s awesome that students may be allowed to express themselves,” student Josephine Wishard said.