Lighting of The G and Evening at I Bar Ranch


The GHS juniors (class of 2026) moments before lighting the G

Lee Brunsting, Editor

The lighting of the G on the hillside south of Western and the bonfire at the I Bar Ranch(east of town) took place on Thursday the 29th of September this year. This is a long running school tradition at Gunnison High school (GHS) that the majority of the student body attends. During this event the junior class lights a bonfire, plays music, and lights the G on the northern hill for GHS. This gathering spans from 7pm to 9pm at night. Freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors attend this night at the I Bar Ranch. All the students gather around the lit bonfire to relax and to look back on the fun memories they’ve already made this year. As for the music at I Bar Ranch, the students get the opportunity to choose the variety of music. Music is played throughout the night on giant speakers that get the job done of projecting students’ favorite songs across the dance floor. The student body gathers around the stage and sings and dances together for hours. It is also common for upperclassmen to get up onto the stage and perform karaoke in front of everyone. 

The GHS juniors (class of 2026) moments before lighting the G

This year the G was lit at 8pm, and was visible to everyone at the I Bar Ranch. The letter is made of the exact same flammable white chalk-like material as the W on Tenderfoot Mountain just south of the G. The juniors of GHS were the ones who lit the G, this is a long running tradition for the school. To view the G being lit the student body is guided to the back road west of I Bar Ranch where it is easily seen by all. It only takes a couple of minutes to be fully lit, so all the students wait and watch the long running tradition happen before their eyes and soak in the school spirit. Afterwards the students will go back to I Bar Ranch to continue to sing and dance for just a little longer.This year the I Bar Ranch had Marios cater the event in addition to beverages and s’mores that the I Bar Ranch provided. What students take away from this event is a new level of school spirit and all around just a fun night that they get to spend with their whole school.