Class of 2026 Enters GHS

Freshman Take Over the Halls in the 2022-2023 School Year

Vivian Haddaway and Isis Thiede


As the new school year commences, a new group of freshmen has arrived at Gunnison High School (GHS) for the 2022 to 2023 school year. The Giddyup staff had the opportunity to interview a few new freshmen to talk about how they are feeling during their first few weeks. It seems as though the freshman class is torn on how they feel about high school, although overall, they seem excited and happy to officially start their high school experience.

A group of freshman learning in Mr. Aguilars English class


When asked about how he feels about starting high school, Lucas Wilson stated, “It’s nice, it’s fun. It’s kind of easy, but I like it.” Some freshmen are surprised by the higher amounts of homework, while others have found it easy. Lucy Watson found that “There is a lot more homework than I expected.” One of the classes that students have been enjoying is freshman English with Mr. Aguilar as stated by all the freshmen that were interviewed. One of the many new opportunities the freshmen have been taking advantage of has been the off-campus lunches and sports as proven by Tilden Martinez and Lucas Wilson. Both freshmen often leave for lunch, and Tilden Martinez plays soccer.

 Paige Jauregui and Lucy Watson both mentioned that they are most looking forward to homecoming and school dances. Martinez and Wilson are among the many freshmen who say that they miss nothing from middle school. However, Watson said that she misses going to Ms. Lamar’s room. Ms. Lamar is the counselor at the middle school.

Eighth graders have lots of expectations before starting high school, and as they have begun their first few weeks, some of those expectations have changed. Martinez said, “I thought that the teachers would be a lot more strict.” Jauregi was worried about the seniors, stating, “I thought I was going to get bullied by the seniors, but they are actually really nice.” 

The seniors have been very welcoming and kind to the freshman, along with the other upperclassmen. Most freshmen seem to like high school so far and are excited about their future high school experiences.