GHS Homecoming Parade Brings Community Together


Emma Ingrum , Editor

The students of Gunnison High School came together for the annual Homecoming parade in the downtown streets of town this past Friday. 

Multiple parade floats and students were carried throughout town by trucks, trailers, and cars, driven by teachers and a few volunteering parents. Other students walked beside the floats, carrying signs and throwing candy.

Students who were selected for Homecoming Royalty, rode in their own float. The two students picked for each class included Rose Kowal and Malchijah Perez for Freshman prince and princess, Maria Sabas and Holden Vickers for Sophomore prince and princess, Jack Pierson and Lily Wild for Junior prince and princess, and Sam Cochran and Wyatt Howery for Senior Homecoming king and queen. 

Each school sport also had floats along with every high school student class. Students decorated their floats with their class or team, with posters and paint and anything else that represented who they were as teammates, peers, and students of GHS. 

As the floats strode down Main street, the air was filled with shouts and cheers from residents observing from the sidewalks and parking lots. Students and teachers from the elementary and middle school were jumping to catch candy being thrown from the floats, while cheering for their role models parading down the street. Some floats played music while others made their own with joyous shouts and yells at the crowds on the side of the street. 

The town of Gunnison Colorado annually comes together to celebrate this Homecoming Parade.