2022 Homecoming Dance Draws Big Crowd Once Again

Students end homecoming with an eventful dance, drawing a big crowd.


Isis Thiede and Vivian Haddaway

This past weekend Gunnison High School (GHS) celebrated its annual homecoming dance. Many students were ecstatic leading up to the big day putting on their dresses and suits and getting ready to party the night away with the 294 students that attended. 

This year Homecoming was organized by new teacher, Ms. Lacie Wise, who runs the Student Leadership Council (SLC). SLC turned the regular high school commons into a fantasy land, with many flashing lights, loud music, and plenty of synthetic fog to fill up the place.

students gather in the commons to dance

Many students this year had mixed feelings about homecoming with some saying it was fun and couldn’t have been better, and others critiquing things about it. Sophomore Holden Vickers spoke very positively about the dance saying, “It was pretty epic sauce. I really liked the setup and how well Ms. Wise did it. The DJ was pretty cool, he did a good job, and it was very loud. Overall, it was good and worth it. If you didn’t go, you should definitely go next year.” 

However, Senior, Alex Harvey, critiqued many parts of the dance stating that, “It was pretty lame, the same thing for four hours got pretty old. The DJ had potential but he played the same thing except for two slow songs and a country song.”

Two other students that the Giddyup interviewed, Jonathan Robinson and Nick Bourque, seemed to be mixed on what they thought, both stating aspects they liked and didn’t like. Bourque mentioned that, “In the beginning, it was fun but got boring towards the end, the DJ was really good and so was the vibe but I didn’t like that we couldn’t leave and come back.” Robinson said virtually the same thing but suggested that next year the dance should take place in a bigger venue with more refreshments. 

Overall, the thoughts of students that attended the dance varied but remained mostly positive. Most students agree that SLC and Ms. Wise did a wonderful job making the dance an exciting night for high school students, although there are still things to be improved on for next year. Either way, students had an enjoyable night dancing to their heart’s content to well-liked music.