True Meaning of Homecoming

Students hold assembly to recognize former generations of Cowboys.


Allie Schwartz, Editor-in-Chief

Oftentimes when high schoolers think of homecoming they think of big sporting events, dances, and crazy dress-up days; and not the previous generations of students returning to their foundation and reconnecting with their former classmates and even teachers. Gunnison school district has been home to many Gunnison High School (GHS) alumni, returning to the district as teachers. This year during GHS homecoming, teachers and other community members were honored and reconnected during a new alumni assembly held by the members of student council members and their teacher and alum Lacie Wise. 

Students listen as alum are honored.

Wise delivered a memorable speech to students, staff, and the returning alumni who shared their names and graduating year to an auditorium filled with future generations of alumni. “The Gunnison community is full of GHS alum and being an alum myself I wanted to drive home the importance of recognizing what it means to be a cowboy” Wise stated. Many members of the Gunnison Community along with Wise have fallen in love with the place they call home, “This is the only place I’ve ever wanted to teach, I love the community and the school.” 

Freshman English teacher, Christian Aguilar graduated from GHS in 2013 and returned to the district to begin his teaching career in the 2019-2022 school year. Just as Wise, Aguilar thought that the alumni assembly “embodied what it means to be a cowboy,” Aguilar continued “the assembly showed that GHS was an impactful place.” The strong bonds and community within the halls of GHS made his high school experience special and memorable, memorable enough that he returned without skipping a beat as a teacher. “It was never really a hard choice to return to GHS, I wanted to work with those who had taught me so much during my high school years.” 

“The alumni assembly touched my heart and was a great testament to what homecoming is really all about,” Wise concluded. It is clear that this assembly will become a new homecoming tradition at GHS.