You can’t put a price on talent…

Allie Schwartz

The Gunnison School District is full of talent, from snowboarding to comedy. This quarter, the Crested Butte student council hosted a valley wide talent show for highschool students with a grand prize of $200. 

Many applicants submitted art or music while others showed their more obscure talents such as presidential facts and 

After the stress that came from covid in previous years, it seems as though students needed a little bit of comedy to brighten their day. Gunnison High School (GHS) sophomores Julian Ryter and Spencer Hays entered the talent show, their talent being “good at life” or more specifically bottle flipping.

Addie Frymoyer, a sophomore at GHS, voted for Hays and Ryter. “I voted for them because their act provided a sense of comedic relief that we hadn’t seen in any other acts” Frymoyer continued, “Plus the overall idea of their performance was funny.” 

“We were watching Dude Perfect one day and saw them bottle flipping,” Hays stated, “we thought it was a good idea and wanted to try it ourselves.”

Overall, students from both ends of the valley showed off their incredible skill in this year’s talent show.