Thank you Teachers

Though students are regularly recognized for their accomplishments and hard work, teachers are often overlooked for their dedication. To spread some love to those who do so much for us, here are some of the things students appreciate about their teachers. 

“I appreciate Mr. Mickelson because he’s my coach, and he has always had my back.”

– Senior Riley Murphy


 “I appreciate Mr. Aguilar because he is nice and cool.”

– Junior Quincy Copenhaver 


“I appreciate Mrs. Vokoun because she gives us a homie space where you can chill.”

– Senior Melita Ferchau


“I appreciate Mrs. Benson because she does a lot of stuff for the school, especially for the seniors, between yearbook, graduation, and helping SLC.”

– Senior Adrianna Rodriguez 


“I appreciate Matt Smith because he is very wise and has taught me many life lessons and is a great teacher in general.”

– Senior Tate Hicks 


“I appreciate Mr. Howard because I’ve done track with him and we are really close.”

– Senior Ester Matias


“I appreciate Mrs. Crossley because she is always kind and understanding and she brings us homemade hot chocolate.” 

– Sophomore Addie Frymoyer


“I appreciate Mr. Aguilar because he is nice.”

– Sophomore Mallory Kowal


“I appreciate Mr. Howard because he has a really fun class.” 

– Sophomore Spencer Hays


“I appreciate Mr. Rush because he is a really cool guy.”

– Freshman Porter Houck 


“I appreciate TKatt because he brought our class cookies once.”

– Sophomore Julian Ryter


“I appreciate Ms. Martin because she is nice and cares about us.”

– Sophomore Reilly Seward 

There are endless more reasons and teachers who are much appreciated here at GHS.