Save the Date: Prom 2022

This year’s theme is ‘Enchanted Forest’

Riley Murphy, Editor in Chief

Prom 2022 is right around the corner. Prom is a memorable night for many high school students, being that it’s the only formal dance of the year.

This year’s prom theme is Enchanted Forest. The junior class voted for the theme and Enchanted Forest won the vote by a land slide. Many students plan on wearing green or colors that you see often in the forest.

”The Enchanted Forest theme means a lot of green and natural color that you can find out in the forest or outdoors,” said Zoe Koch, a member of SLC. “The attire is elegant and muted colors.”

The DJ for this year’s prom was hired out of Montrose and he is planning the entire playlist, but students will be allowed to request songs before hand.

Juniors and seniors are allowed to attend, while underclassmen may attend if they are accompanied by an upperclassmen date. One thing to note, students, is that re-entry will not be allowed and the doors to the dance will close at 10pm.

In order to help all students find the appropriate attire for the formal event, SLC is hosting a dress swap on April 8th, at lunch in Ms. Martin’s room.

Prom is April 16 from 8-12 p.m. and will be held at Gunnison High School. Student council based the decision on the venue availability and cost of locations.

“We put out a poll to the junior and senior students, and they all voted to have prom at the high school,” said SLC advisor Taylor Martin.

Tickets in advance of Prom 2022 are $25 for a single ticket and $40 for a couple. Tickets on the day of the dance will be more expensive than those purchased in advance.