Get Your Game On!

A closer look at the top mobile games of today

Theron Yoder, Staff Writer

The list for the best mobile games of all time is a really tight race.

There are countless games that have reached the top spot on the rankings, which invalidates the use of the mobile rankings put out by Google Play and the App Store in my list. The list will be more based mostly off of popularity, game mechanics and design, and relevance. 

This list is the best arrangement that I could find for these incredible games, but I had to leave some games out. Among these are Subway Surfer and Temple Run. Both these games have extremely good mechanics and fully encapsulate the endless runner category of mobile games. 

5. Clash Royale

The mobile game that edged out all of the other contenders to hold to fifth spot is Clash Royale. Clash Royale is a strategic tower defense game with a wide variety of cards to destroy your opponent with. There are many different lineups and combinations that can be used to out fight your opponent. The fast paced gameplay grants the players with the best reaction skills the advantage. There are also extensive clan wars and activities, which makes a large community that can entertain anyone and get them stuck to the game.

4. Plants vs. Zombies

The fourth spot belongs to Plants vs Zombies, a cartoon zombie killing game. This game thrives because of the well-tuned battle mechanics and strategy that is featured. Setting up different types of plant life based on their strengths and weaknesses across a grid-based battle map is the name of the game. And it still manages to be as engrossing as it was when it initially debuted.

3. Fruit Ninja

Game number three is Fruit Ninja, one of the most recognizable games on the planet. This game took the world by storm in 2010 when it released the unique idea of swiping your finger across the screen cutting up any piece of fruit that comes your way. It still has a player base today that competes over combos and challenges. The idea of the game was like nothing we have seen before, and inspired many games after it. 

2. Minecraft, Pocket Edition

Mobile game number two of all time belongs to Minecraft, Pocket edition. It’s hard to beat Minecraft’s legacy no matter what platform it is on. The block-based sandbox adventure game was brought to mobile in 2011, which was one of the first big steps for open world creativity in mobile games. Later in it’s life, the Better Together update consolidated all versions into one and added cross-platform multiplayer, Minecraft is now better than it’s ever been on the go.

1. Angry Birds

The best mobile game of all time in my opinion is Angry Birds. The entire series of Angry Birds is incredible, with hundreds of levels that can be extremely challenging to complete fully. The casual puzzler has become a widely recognizable staple of the mobile game industry. It’s not everywhere that you can find birds slingshotted into random structures filled with evil pigs. I have played this game more than other games in my childhood, yet still have it downloaded on my phone. This game has one of the most fun ideas ever, and will always keep you entertained