I dedicate this song to…

Here’s the jams that have a special meaning between people at GHS

Grecia Santos, Staff Writer

Song dedications are a long-standing tradition here at the Gunnison High School (GHS) student newspaper. In order uphold this tradition, The Giddyup has done the dirt work to find numerous people around campus that have something to say with a song dedication to another student.

The following song dedications are listed as initials in order to follow the tradition. Make your best guesses as to who each person is and share in the fun!

Person: D.R

Song: Ride the lighting, Metallica 

Dedicated: Dog (Ringo)


Person: N.A 

Song: Fearless, TULE

Dedicated: D.H 


Person: J.P

Song: I’m not straight, Kusorare

Dedicated: N.P


Person: E.R

Song: Heaven, Julia Michaels

Dedicated: C.G


Person: T.G 

Song: Cheeseburger in paradise, Jimmy Buffett

Dedicated: Dad (Jason) 


Person: G.J

Song: Surf Curse, Freaks 

Dedicated: R.J


Person: J.D 

Song: Be prepared, The Lion King 

Dedicated: M.B 


Person: G.M 

Song: Beautiful crazy, Luke Combs

Dedicated: M.D 


Person: B.L

Song: Clash of Clans, Vieze Asbak

Dedicated: J.B 


Person: S.M

Song: Cotton Eye Joe, Rednex

Dedicated: Y.A.


Person: P.F

Song: 16, Baby Keem 

Dedicated: The Boys 


Peron; A.V

Song: Perfect, Ed Sheeran 

Dedicated: J.V 


Person: J.A.D 

Song: Rescue me, One Republic

Dedicated: L.B


Person: W.S 

Song: Shots, LMFAO 

Dedicated: E.C 


Person: O.M.V

Song: Best You had, Don Toliver  

Dedicated: J.L


Person: M.F

Song: Imperial March, John Williams 

Dedicated: K.M


Person: D.G

Song: What you need, INXS 

Dedicated: A.L


Person: J.V

Song: Who let the dogs out, Baha Men 

Dedicated: A.V


Person: J.B 

Song: Sheesh!, BENEE

Dedicated: L.S


Person: M.M 

Song: Dark Side, Alan Walker

Dedicated: R.K 


Person: L.I.R 

Song: Face-Off, Tech N9ne 

Dedicated: J.K.R 


Person: E.C

Song: Outside, Calvin Harris 

Dedicated: D.F 


Person: C.F 

Song: Undiscovered colors, The Flashbulb 

Dedicated: E.V 


Person: C.A 

Song: Crazy, Gnarls 

Dedicated: C.A