The Movie of Spring

New Batman flick worth watching; no spoilers

Devin Gomez, Staff Writer

The new Batman movie — “The Batman” — is amazing and is honestly one of the best superhero movies ever made. 

The visuals are just incredible and Robert Pattinson’s acting is excellent and brings Batman to life. The way Batman is portrayed is dark, just the way he is supposed to be like in the comics. 

The fact the movie brought out the detective aspect of Batman made the movie have a crime drama vibe. Batman had to solve many clues and riddles and the truth slowly came out about the city of Gotham and Bruce Wayne’s personal life. 

What is also good about the detective aspect is that the movie will keep you on the edge of your seat because there are many twists and turns that keep you guessing on where the movie is going. 

The ending shows us that there is going to be a second movie and Batman’s most iconic villain makes an appearance. Also, the Riddler — played by Paul Dano — was great and really made the Riddler a psychopathic serial killer that brought out a different side of supervillains that are more cynical and twisted. 

The movie also made the Penguin a gangster who works for Jimmy Falcone. I think Robert De Niro would have played that role great, but don’t get it twisted, John Turturro was really good in his role as Jimmy Falcone. Jimmy Falcone is a big mafia boss for those who don’t know. 

Honestly a great movie and if you don’t watch it, that is on you.