Adrianna Rodriguez , Photo Editor

Addiction or necessity? Americans spend hours on their phones daily, we tend to think about whether we need technology or are just addicted to it. However, some people argue how necessary technology is, such as when used in school, research, and or world news, but some people argue that technology is not necessary. Most people believe that technology brainwashes people, leads to health conditions like depression, and restricts people from focusing. 

In the United States, an average of 5-6 hours are spent using a smartphone. In the article Average time spent daily on a smartphone in the United States 2021, it states, in the year 2020-2021 users spend more than 37 minutes just on social media apps daily. Social media apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok have taken over many teenagers’ and adults’ lives with the popularity and growth of these apps. 

The Giddy up questioned some of Gunnison High School’s students about their screen time on a daily average, some of the questions asked were, what app do you spend the most time on? Do you use your phone more for entertainment or necessity purposes? And do you think technology is addictive? Jose Sanchez a senior at GHS stated that the app he spends the most time on is Instagram. Jose also mentioned that technology is very addictive especially since he uses his phone more for entertainment purposes than necessity. Wyatt Howery is a junior at GHS, he spends most of his time on TikTok. Wyatt believes technology is addictive only if used in the wrong way but he also uses his phone for entertainment and necessity purposes. Ania Bryniarski a sophomore at GHS mentioned the most time she spends on an app is Snapchat. She believes that technology is addictive but only when used for entertainment purposes. A freshman Kylee McDougal stated that she spends the most time on Snapchat. She also agrees that technology is highly addictive especially when used for social media platforms. Kylee also uses her phone more for entertainment than necessity. 

Social media platforms have gained many teenagers’ attention and technology has taken over many lives. Social media has also turned into an everyday activity, that many people can’t go a day without which has led people to spend many hours on a smartphone daily. 



Jose Sanchez daily average screen time.


Wyatt Howery daily average screen time.


Ania Bryniarski daily average screen time.


Kylee McDougal daily average screen time.