Who are you wearing?

Western and Lolita Fashion

Grecia Santos, Photo Editor

Students at Gunnison High School (GHS) spend from minimal to hundreds on clothing to express their uniqueness and find their identity.

The fashion world includes street fashion, fast fashion, “Lolita,” western, bohemian, granola, and Goth, just to name a few. At GHS, there are many fads and trends that are inspired by TikTok and Pinterest, which encourages students to dress in ways that make them feel comfortable and confident. The main focus this week at the Giddyup will be focusing on two of fashion trends seen in the hallways every day at GHS, including lolita, country clothing.

Kendal McDonald, a senior at GHS, explained that fashion is a form of expression, and gets ideas for her outfits from TikTok. McDonals likes to follow the fashion trend known as “Lolita.” “Lolita” is an Asian subculture of fashion that originated in Japan and is seen worldwide; this style includes frills and is gothic elevated. She enjoys following this trend since it is fun and is a way to change what is considered normal. 

“This fashion was created because in the country it originated if you were seen as childish you were not a woman,” said McDonald. “So women went against the standards of what is considered femininity.”

Maddie Renfroe, also senior at GHS, has grown up wearing western attire for most of her life while working with animals at her ranch. When not working, she considers her fashion an elevated western chic.  

Renfroe buys most of her clothing at Boot Barn and explains that western chic is an elevated county attire that includes more accessories such as jewelry and scarves, as well outfit elements that elaborate on typical western attire, which includes boot, jeans, and button-up shirts with or without a hat. 

“On a complete outfit including accessories, I easily spend around $500 for the rodeo,” said Renroe.

Students at GHS are exposed to different fashion trends and get the opportunity to find different styles, such as lolita and elevated western, which create a form of identity in the hallways of GHS.