Guess Who!?!

It’s gotta be the shoes

Erin Crow, Staff Writer

There’s a large assortment of different footwear here at Gunnison High School (GHS). Shoes come in a million different styles and sizes to add aesthetic, comfort, or individuality to any outfit.

This week, The Giddyup has taken the time to identify some of the folks who are slipping into super steezy slides before they get to class. Can you guess who’s rockin’ these kicks?

The answers are given at the bottom of this story.
























































































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  1. Sam McPhail
  2. Harper Andrews
  3. Wyatt Howery
  4.  Mallory Kowal
  5. Kellan Yoder
  6. Kendall McDonald
  7. Porter Houck
  8. Elaina Dillard
  9. Ty Taramarcaz
  10. Emeline Rollins