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Wyatt’s Top 5 Hip-Hop Albums of 2021

Wyatt Howery, Staff Writer

While 2021 will go down as another year ruled by COVID regulations and other lame stuff, rap artists across the world obviously had some time to spend in the studio.

This week, The Giddyup focuses on the best hip-hop albums of 2021. And while names like J-Cole and Kanye made the list, we think you’ll be surprised by everything that made the final cut. Enjoy!

  1. The Off-Season- J Cole

May 14th 2021

First Week Sales- 288,000 copies

Although on first release a large amount of the industry had very negative thoughts on the album, despite the large amount of sales. Even with the slow start, Cole’s well known flow and beats from the album started to grow on many. Concluding to why it rounds out the top five, with great features, solid production and top tier storytelling.

  1. The House Is Burning- Isaiah Rashad

July 30th 2021 

First Week Sales- 42,000

A must listen, I believe this fully deserves to be in the top five. Such an underrated project with great vocals and great beats, even with few big name features and low amount of streams it was perfectly put together and displayed.

  1. Donda- Kanye West

 August 29, 2021

 First Week Sales- 309,000 

The most hyped project of the entire year, did it live up to the hype? It definitely did not said no one ever. This album had the unanimous best production of the year, not only that but some of the best from Kanye’s career. While almost all the songs are beautiful and fulfilling some of them do feel stretched out as if there are fillers. Besides that there are little to no critiques. Every single feature sounds great and fits well. But what really brings this project to light is the emotional value you can hear from Kanye and how he ties his family into the music world.    

  1. Call Me If You Get Lost- Tyler The Creator 

June 25, 2021

First Week Sales- 169,000

A super great album, from my standpoint I thought it was interesting and very creative. I am not as big on it as some people who might say it deserve to be number one. Even still it stands at a solid number two with great tracks and a lot of replay value. With a vibe that just satisfies the music soul.

  1. The Melodic Blue- Baby Keem 

September 10, 2021

First Week Sales- 53,000

The top hip-hop album of 2021 goes to The Melodic Blue. Not only my personal favorite for album of the year but the industry loved it too. With 3 songs reaching platinum and a few going gold, the sheer amount of talent shown on the track list is outstanding. This album also includes Family Ties featuring Kendrick Lamar which was nominated for 2 Grammys and song of the year by XXl awards. Overall the album is near perfect every song sounds great and fits perfectly. The production and lyricism are used great, to show a side of baby keem we have never seen before showing true artwork bringing together this masterpiece.